3 Tips For Marketing Yourself As Self-Employed


Arguably the most important aspect of becoming self-employed is marketing yourself. After all, you know longer have the luxury of a steady paycheck from regular employment and unless you’re lucky, clients won’t simply land on your lap. Consequently, you need to have some structure behind how you’re going to brand yourself and have a steady pipeline of work in order to keep your cash flow (and sanity) positive.

The good news is that your system doesn’t have to be elaborate. In fact, often times the simpler, the better. That’s why we like this article from┬áThe Boss Group (great name). It distills marketing for freelancers into three simple steps: knowing your market, talking to freelancers and developing an online presence. We’re particular big proponents of the second piece of advice, talking to other freelancers. In our experience, freelancers tend to form a community around each other. Everyone knows how great it is to be self-employed while also understanding the challenges that each individual has to face. That’s why freelancers are more than willing to help each other out.

It’s important to remember though that none of these components are more important than the other. All three create a symbiotic relationship that lean on each other for support. So don’t skip any steps or else you’ll be finding yourself falling behind further down the road.

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