The Best Conferences for Freelancers to Attend

Best Conferences for Freelancers to Attend

As a freelancer, creating demand for your services is your lifeblood. If you can’t consistently get new customers, your life as a freelancer will be short. There are plenty of ways to create demand, from blogging, to speaking and joining industry associations (we will cover all of these in other posts). One of the best places, however, to let the world know you’re open for business is at conferences. We like to think of conferences as networking on steroids. You’ll find hundreds to thousands of like-minded individuals. Everyone has their own niche of expertise, so it’s your job to find voids to fill.

The challenge for many though is choosing which conference(s) to attend. There are literally thousands of options each year. Some are very narrow in their focus while other are much more broad. So what are the best conferences for freelancers to attend then? Cloudpeeps actually did the work for us and put together a list of the best conferences for freelancers to attend in 2016. Yes, we realize that it’s the end of 2016 but that doesn’t make this list useless. All of these conferences are annual, so you can easily put them on your calendar for 2017.

If you go to a conference though, don’t just stand in the corner looking at your phone the whole time. Business won’t magically fall on your lap.¬†Talk with other attendees at conferences and attend¬†all social gatherings to meet new people. Add value to your conversations and prove your expertise. Maybe you’ll bump into other freelancers that have clients that need your services! Conferences are all about building connections that can turn into lifelong business relationships. So figure out which conferences are the best for you to attend and make 2017 your most successful year yet!

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